December 10, 2007

who am I kidding?!

So, I appreciated everyone's worried comments on last nights blog. And while my first thought was, "oh, its no big deal-It seems to be healing up ok..." my second thought was, "Abigail if you listed all the bad luck you've had with sicknesses this year all in a row it would take up MORE than one you really want to chance that?!"

So, you'll be happy to know that I have a doctors appointment tomorrow to get my burn all check up. And until then I have it all nicely bandaged up safe and sound. Incidently, I am going to ask the doctor to inject any kind of flu shot he wants into my body as well...because, hey, I'm ALL ABOUT trying to finish up 2007 without any more ailments. ;-)

In other news-Only two more days till Brett gets home!!!


Yo Mama said...

I was behind on reading your blogs, so I am so glad to see that you've made a doctor's appointment. After all, you're in the Army now. Take advantage of that great health care.

Eight more days.

Anonymous said...

Hmm..maybe keeping it all wrapped up is not such a good idea. NOw someone correct me if Im wrong but if you don't let a wound like that get air it can start to grow things. But maybe since you just now wrapped it up it will be ok.