February 04, 2008

stupid internet.

I wrote a totally awesome post about my weekend and then I realized the internet wasnt working and i lost the whole thing before I could catch it. boo.

So, instead here's the short version.
This weekend I cooked and I entertained, I attended parties and I cooked some more...I mingled, I chatted, I laughed and I cheered ( go giants! That fourth quarter was AWESOME!!), and I did all of that while feeling not particularly good...in fact, every single step I felt like, hey, this might just be my last...but God was so incredibly gracious and helped me through all of my socializing and my preparations...and I was reminded that, yes, hospitality IS often something one is Called to do...and therefore why should I think I must do it all in my own strength?! ummm....noooo...in fact, it would be BAD if I DID try to do it all in my own abilities and powers....so ask for Help in ALL situations. lesson learned. weekend gotten through....cold still going strong.
the end.

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