April 05, 2008

Just in case you aren't my facebook friend...

Which, if you aren't you should seriously ask yourself why ever not?
However, for those of you who just aren't on facebook ( which could be the only good reason for not being my friend) I just updated my "extended profile", meaning I get to make up my own questions.. ( i.e. questions that are MORE interesting than a list of my favorite movies and books) and then answer them...Well, last week I fulfilled one of my "Life Goals" and so had to go in and edit those and thought I'd make some other additions as well so here is some meaningless information about me:

Conversations I hate having:

Anything about the war in iraq.
Politics in general.
Anything regarding myspace.
About the love lives of teenagers
"Why do you work in a coffee house? You have a degree!"

Celery, people that leave their turn signal on for miles, Starbucks, the "F" word, Once and Future King,
people that "liked the movie better", army "working hours", ackward silences, The Jolie-Pitt family and the national obsession with them, commercials before movies, Victoria Secret, J.Crew's idea of sizes, people that put on airs, two-faced "friends"

Top Places I'd like to go
( in no particular order): Canada, Egypt, Thailand, Hong Kong, Prague, Australia, Crete, Turkey, Germany, China

Life Goals

Write and publish a book. Have a giant ( or not so giant) house where people can come and stay as long as they like. Learn to surf. Read all the books on my bookshelf.

Guilty Pleasures
USweekly, java shakes, cupcakes, facebook surfing, shopping at Target

Jobs I wouldnt mind having ( for at least a little while):
Tour guide, travel writer, food critic, bed and breakfast owner, baker/pastry chef, florist, teacher ( only under specific circumstances), columnist, the-lady-that-works-at-Curves, museum curator, script writer, Wal-mart greeters, a Build-a-Bear employee, a makeup artist, talk show host, private investigator, movie producer,radio DJ, ice-cream parlor employee


Lyds said...

I have a friend who had the same goal as you to read all the books on his shelf. So to make sure he did it he took all the books off his shelf and piled them on the floor. He hates mess so it made him progressively read them all so he could tidy up and put the books back on the shelf.

Sam said...

I do that! Kind of - I have books stacked upwards on top of my (waist-high) bookshelf... so I'm slowly making my way through them. Only... 16 to go! Not counting the 10 I'm currently reading, of course... :-|