April 07, 2008

sorta kinda

So, as you all know one of my life long dreams ( not really...more like just in the past few months) has been to be in a book club. Several times I thought my dream was close to being reality but always fell through at the last minute....BUT THEN, like a knight to the rescue, my cousin Ryan invited me to "read a book with him" and thus today I bought my copy of Anna Karenina and begin to read...we're sharing our thoughts on the first ten chapters via email...

And I just gotta say, how fabulous is this day in age? When you can carry on a conversation about a book with your cousin who lives in China?!

Of course, it only got better when I found out that Maggie, Ryan's wife, is getting AK in chinese and is also going to read along! Yay!!! I hope this means I get to know her better....I can't tell you how disappointed I was when I found out I wasn't getting to meet her this summer...To be honest, its kinda like my worlds all colliding in via literature because I'm currently reading China Wakes which is teaching me a lot about China's history and current state of affairs...but, then again-I dont know how I'm going to keep up with my Tolstoy if I'm reading China Wakes too! Ah well, these are the kind of problems I like to have. ;-)

In other news: Brett has the day off today. I hope he gets to relax a bit while I'm here at work!

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donnave said...

I'm in, too, Abbey. So, include me in your e-mail list!