June 30, 2008

all sorts of awesome.

So, this morning I didn't have to be at work until 7:30. So I decided to be awesome and to get up at my normal time and therefore get my run in before work...all was going well...the weather was cloudy, cool...and there is something mildly great about early mornings. And so I ran and I ran... and I ran. I started to see water on my left hand side ( that would be the sound..was I in steilacoom already?! ) and the road just seemed to keep on going. Uh-oh.
I thought for sure this road made a loop at some point, right? But, it was getting on to 7am and I was just getting farther and farther from home.
I was either going to die out there on someone's neighborhood street ( which is just lame) or I was going to have to ask for directions.
I had a mental picture of me dripping with sweat in my gross holey t-shirt, knocking on the door of one of the many houses with a BMW parked out front and asking some maid that didnt speak english how to get home ( which I wasnt even sure where home was). But, luckily I came upon a lady watering her lawn and she told me I was "about a mile" and a half away from the road I needed.
I had about twenty minutes before I needed to be at work.

So that's how I ran four miles in the time I usually run three. haha! I suppose I just need the right motivation. ;-)

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donnave said...

i bet jim has used this technique before on people running with him. sneaky!