June 21, 2008


So, tonight I just finished writing a whole list of why I've been a bad Navigator's Girls Leader. And yes, it was long, and yes it seems I've accomplished very little-but at least I know that ultimately all the girls are in Christ's hands and He can do great things with each and every one. Its upsetting when you can't FORCE people to turn up...do there study....have quiet times....love people. ( that last one especially)...hahaha, I guess if we did have that kinda power, that would make this whole life we're all living a whole different cup of tea, aye? ;-) I guess basically it all boils down to me wishing that I was either smart enough, spiritual enough, gifted enough to inspire people to greatness ( myself included).

I need to pray more.

Annnyway, in other disappointing news: The Happening, the latest M. Night Shyamalan movie-BIG disappointment. Not only did I have to shut my eyes A LOT, but I also found that there was no "surprise" or "twist" or anything to redeem all the disturbing plot developments. Boo, M. Night, BOO! In fact, I'm worried about him, his last one just barely made it into my thumbs up category....I hope he's not loosing his edge completely.

Luckily, Brett and I did a double feature today, first we saw Get Smart...which was totally great, and I felt it really stood by its television roots as well as developing nicely for future movies. Totally happy with that one. And yes, we DID see two movies back to back and spent heaps of money at the movie theatre. Its so unfair that SO many movies we want to see are coming out this summer, its pretty much taking up all our holiday funds. ;-)

The Dark Knight
Mamma Mia
The X-Files: I want to believe
Swing Vote
Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Two ( HAHAHAHAHA! Just kidding...)

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Amy said...

I think you've been a great leader. I could go into this really long list of why that's true (if you like) but Ill just leave it with I know for a fact that everyone I've talked to about it really does, truly, look up to you as a leader ...
dont make ridiculous lists.