June 19, 2008

no holds barred

So kids, looks like we've got ONE MORE MONTH of "Life in Washington: The Wilsons" before things get really crazy. Last week Brett and I spent the whole week living it up with Anna and Ryan, Steve and Billie....it was fantastic. It was also strange because it was as though we were on vacation in our own home. This was helped significantly by the fact that Brett did not have to go out on the field and therefore had more free time to spend with the family. ( amazing miracle, by the way.)...but now everyones back in the Texas heat and things are starting to sink in that we're leaving Washington so soon. There is a lot to do.
And here's a question that people keep asking me ( for very very good reason). "Abigail, have you found a place to live in Kansas yet?" And I say, "um. no"

I'm not worried. Yet. For whatever reason, I feel sure that God will somehow provide a place for me to live....
And currently there are a lot of things at hand to take care of ( I feel like finding a place to live in Kansas is very remote at the moment).

One thing I would like to say is that I feel the past week was a lovely little reminder ( bitter sweet ) of what a wonderful place Washington has been...minus all the bad weather, it can truly be spectacular. We visited both Mount Rainier and Mount St. Helen while the fam was in town and I was truly blown away by the beauty we saw...His majesty is everywhere.

I have also had several reminders this week of what a beautiful place God has given me to work. On Tuesday, one of my regulars saw that Brett was sitting over on his computer while I was working and so he went over and told him that he had heard about us leaving ( I talk a lot at work...) and asked if he could pray for Brett...and then he went ahead and put a hand on Brett right there and prayed for him.
Yes. Really sweet.

And then yesterday one of my other regulars brought me a ceramic mug that he had made, he apparently does pottery in his spare time and wanted to give me a going away present! AWW!

Anyway, sometimes it is really incredible just how wonderful my job has been for me in this particular season in life, and in this particular time in Washington. It was not just something to do or a way to make money...it also taught me a lot and showered a lot of blessing from unlooked for sources. I suppose what I am trying to say, is that while I am not sure what is going to happen a month or two from now, I feel sure that it will be more than what I could ask for, and it will meet all the needs that God feels need to be met. To be honest, I feel totally showered by blessing at the moment, the idea that we'll get to spend three weeks( ish) in Texas, and the fact that Brett will be taking almost a month off from work-all of these things are truly truly wonderful and I hope that I can soak them up to their very fullest since I feel they will soon be poured out again...

Well, I am off to Bible Study now, but I just wanted to say "Hi" and that life's about to get interesting and I promise that blog posts will start to be more frequent again.

then your barns will be filled to overflowing,
and your vats will brim over with new wine.

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