June 03, 2008

rain on the parade.

This morning I woke up to rain on the roof...which is such a, "Just stay in bed" kind of sound!! You'd never know it was "summer"...its, like 60 degrees outside right now! BOO! I'm wearing long sleeves and a sweater. Which is why I've been researching tropical destinations all morning.

Last night Brett got home at 6pm and then he worked until 10pm at the dining room table. Poor guy, he's going out into the field for two weeks and yet has to work evenings up until he leaves! I watched the Transporter while he worked and he's stop working to watch the "good fight scenes"

I'm hoping to meet up with Courtney this afternoon, she just got back from visiting her family in Texas this morning so maybe just maybe the REAL summer weather rubbed off on her! I'm also going to help her go over her testimony for Bible Study on Thursday...I'm really excited about bible study this week since it'll be the first time I've had all the girls together in one big group since we started up the new "small groups" thing so I am looking forward to seeing how its all going and giving my "pep talk" for next months study ;-) hehehe...

I'm also starting to see the light about the whole "move to Kansas" thing...I spent most of the morning on Craigs list looking at want ads-and then I got an email from Brett saying a friend of his from college is from that area as well and she might have some connections too! I know that this is going to work out somehow, now I'm just REALLY excited to see how!!

I started to tell more of my customers at the coffee shop that I'm leaving. One of them told me that he's an amateur painter and that he wants to give me one of his pieces as a going away gift. How cool is that? *sigh* I'm going to be SO sad to leave all my little old people....who will take care of them when I'm gone?! Thank GOODNESS I'm giving my shift to Amy, at least I know she'll appreciate my regulars and take care of them like they deserve.

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donnave said...

I so love the fact that you are attached to your customers!