July 23, 2008

eating. and other activities.

So, my stomach ( and Brett's) made it across the country just fine-thanks to everyone who prayed! And we're now officially soaking up the Texas sun-from inside a well air-conditioned house, of course. ;-)

Anyway, its been really surreal so far, I think its strange being here-because Nacogdoches will always have that TOTALLY familiar hometown-you-never-left air about it, but also because I don't think I've mentally prepared ( and we ALL know how much I like to mentally prepare) myself for this trip like I normally would. In fact, I quite literally obsessed and worried about moving all the way up until I walked out the door to drive to the airport to come here....and here, well, there is NO WAY I can do any packing or any other move related activities. I'm at a loss!

Of course, I say that there is nothing I can do about the move right now, but that would be wrong....oh don't you worry! I've already made a list of productive and important things that Brett and I need to get done in the next three weeks....that's right, with the invention of the cell phone one can never be too far away from ones responsibilities. unfortunately.

Oh, and can I just say, that I'm SO glad that I am friends with Amy ( who you can now see in my newly updated blog links) who is not only a blogger, but she's a newly married army wife, and not just an army wife, but an infantry officer's wife. Heck YEAH! Somebody ELSE to rant about the military in finely crafted sentence form. Makes me feel better about my own plights already. ;-)


Amy said...

writing to you from under a blanket on my couch, where I sit still in my (dry) bathing suit after being thwarted by the Army AND the Air Force in my attempt to swim and make myself feel better. so Im going to go blog about it because i am piiiiised.
(glad you are warm)

Monica said...

Hey Abigail! I know y'all are really busy the next three weeks, but if you make it in the Dallas area, I would love to host a get-together for all of your Dallas friends. Just throwin' that out there!

Amy said...

btw your link to me is broken.