July 03, 2008

parades and rain ( isnt there a saying...?)

Exciting goodness happened yesterday when both Daniel and Tim returned safe and sound from Iraq! Yaaaaay! This was doubly good because this means that Brett gets to hang out with them before we leave. I was so sad about the thought that he'd leave without getting to say goodbye to them!

Also, last night I watched Brett, Tim, Daniel and Chuck put together a hardcore grill for Luke ( Amy is giving it to him for his birthday present and its been sitting in our living room waiting for them to go on their honeymoon for weeks now so that we could set it up for her)...it was great to see them all together again, awwww! Reminds me of those days not too long ago when I was always the only girl in the midst of a sea of boys. hehe.

Today I'm meeting with one of the new girls that's started coming to bible study...and can I just say, that while I absolutely know that its a good thing that I'm leaving for Kansas...I am so sad that I have to leave right now when it seems lots of exciting stuff is starting to happen with the Nav girls. I'm missing a great big God party! Anyway, I've been trying to hang out with all the new girls as much as possible anyway...and listen to THIS:
So, I got a text from one of them saying she wanted to have lunch and also that she wouldnt be abe to make it to Bible Study on Thursday, which I replied that I'd love to have lunch, and that I was missing bible study this week too ( get to that in a minute)...and THEN she said, "well, we can just do bible study together at lunch today, then!"
I know! It was sooo exciting to have someone get excited about doing their bible study, someone really desiring to dig deeper and grow. I think I've really gotten so use to being the cheerleader and trying desperately to set a fire to a wet blanket ( or that's how I feel) that to have one ELSE actually initiate is awesome! God is good!

So, in case you're wondering why I'm missing Bible Study tonight: I'm going camping. That's right. For real. As in, over night. At a camp site. Anyway, I'm sorta nervous at the moment since its currently raining and I looked at the forecast for where we're going and its worse there. BOO! But, we're going with Mike and Katie ( they're actually staying for two more nights!!!) and so that'll make it fun-and worse comes to worse it'll be a good " girlie girl goes camping: havoc ensues" story for later....

Other news that's happened lately: Brett was promoted to Captain. I nearly cried when I watched all the guys from his old platoon pass by and salute him one by one....I got lost running again yesterday, I'm going to have to start mapquesting my routes before I go......

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Carina said...

Camping? What is this "camping" you speak of? Do you dress up in sweater vests and act "camp"? I have no idea what you are talking about.