October 14, 2008

How 'bout them Apples?!?

So, as I may have mentioned before, Brett and I spent the weekend in KC...doing some much needed R&R ( well, for Brett anyway...my LIFE is R&R!).

Here are some scattered thoughts ( the best I can do this morning) about our weekend:

The Apple Store is evil, it sucks you in and you end up at the end of your weekend with an ipod touch ( for Brett) and an iphone ( for me). hahaha! Just kidding, I'm incredibly happy with our purchases, but I do feel like an incredible consumer having dropped so much money in one weekend...

Avocado Eggrolls are A-maaaazing! If there is any possible way you can get yourself some of these babies ( they're usually served as an appetizer) than GET THEM. They were positively heavenly.

The weather this weekend was beautiful! It was probably in the mid-70s and sunny up until we left! Yay, for Walking!

Brett and I like "hippy coffee"...the best coffee we found was where the ultra hippies hung out ( literally, in rows of chairs out front)-luckily, we drive a Prius so we showed them our hippy ways...

God gave us a Half Price Book store. We had found a Half Price using our GPS and were headed across town to find it, when we took a different turn next to our hotel and spied one less than two blocks from where we were staying! Stupid GPS! YAY! for taking a random road!

Of course, I now have THREE new books I want to read...which is always exciting! Especially since I'm going on a trip tomorrow, and trips need books! Maybe the library will have them...

We watched the movie "Body of Lies". I had to shut my eyes during an incredibly intense scene towards the end and I left the movie theatre feeling sick to my stomach. Of course, we should know better than to go see a movie before the election-every bodies got an agenda.

The next night we watched Wall-e in our hotel room. I was on the verge of tears the whole movie because Wall-e was not just cute, he was HEARTBREAKINGLY cute. He was like a puppydog and a lonely little man all wrapped into one. But, its a great movie. Just bring tissues if you're sensitive.

Our hotel was pretty flashy, we got drinks every evening from 5:30 to 7:30 and a giant breakfast every morning...oh, and we had two TVs in our room(s)...that's right. TWO. Because one isnt enough anymore. *rolls eyes*

Brett and I had lots of interestingly nerdy conversations-like when we argued ( or "talked passionately") about which was better fiction or nonfiction...or when we discussed where the TV show Heroes was going this season, for almost an hour. It was fun.

Buuuut, now its on to the real world...and tomorrow Brett leaves for California for ten days and I leave for Washington. I know my trip will be good, but its definitely hard to separate from Brett so close to the end of his time here in the states. Wasteful. Stupid army.

Time is flying by and I feel like we're holding on too tight. Lord help us to be graceful here at the end.....

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