November 27, 2008

And then I said, "thank you"

So, today was Thanksgiving. And it fit with your typical picture of gluttony since I ate two thanksgiving dinners back to back ( well, I had about an hour and a half reprieve between them)...but seriously, I didn't know my stomach could accomplish so much.

But, most of all, today was difficult. Not like, "I can't get out of bed because I'm crying too hard." difficult....but it was hard. I missed Brett terribly. I missed him with my own family and then I missed him double time at his mom's house. I miss him especially hard when I see his brother or when I think about "what we did last thanksgiving"....or when his mom serves his favorite cranberry side dish.

It didn't help that I got an email from him last night saying that he'd be out of communication till next Tuesday...I mean, I was prepared for that email since I knew he was headed out on a mission, but it just added to the theme of the day.

However, even though all those thoughts and emotions were bombarding me I didn't cry. Not even once. I didn't even tear up! I was so proud! I just kept on going! Every time a thought would pop in my head that would make me miss Brett, I'd push it right back out again!!! It was like the brain gymnastics...I was constantly having to do backflips of the mind to keep things where they needed to be.

I made it all the way until 9:30pm when I was lying in bed, watching Friends ( because, that's what I do...) and then the phone rang!

It was Brett and I got to talk to him for a whole 15 minutes! I got to hear his voice and hear how he's doing and know some of the things that are on his mind. We got to talk about Faith and we got to talk about Thanksgiving both his ( he got "thanksgiving food"...which I'm assuming is above average) and mine ( everyone missed him!!)....

and then we hung up, because Brett was borrowing a satellite phone to make the call and other guys had people to wish Happy Thanksgiving to as well...

And then I cried....I cried, but not sad tears...I cried thankful tears...thankful tears since God let me talk to Brett even when I hadn't even asked for it, He saw the very desire of my heart and tonight He gave it to me.

I miss my husband terribly, but I truly have so much to be thankful for....we have been so very lucky so far, and I know that I have things so easy! I pray tonight for the many wives who didn't get to talk to their husbands...or who have five small children who they are juggling while missing their husbands all at the same time....there are some amazing women out there who are fighting against crazy own prayers of thanksgiving are mingled with heartfelt prayers for those less fortunate.

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