August 07, 2009


Boy Howdy! Last night I went to bed at 10:45. It was the greatest moment ever. I was SO TIRED. The last week or so have been really bad for the sleeping. I've been staying up late and getting up early and then going nonstop all day...and now it has officially caught up with me!

That being said, I wouldn't trade the last few days for anything! I've been getting some great times with the girls in the Navigator Ministry that I'd been neglecting for most of last month and I gotta tell you there is NOTHING better than seeing how God's working in peoples lives! The other thing the last few days has provided has been a roller-coaster that only the army can create. I gotta tell you being an Army Wife and thus having the opportunity to be a part of the lives of OTHER Army Wives and Army Girlfriends and Fiancees has pretty much taught me that there is NEVER EVER a dull moment when the military has its way ( which it always does). What has this taught me? How to pray ( its the only thing you can do sometimes!). The moment you learn how to deal with the last curve ball, another one is barreling down on you...and there have been several times this week that I have been left speechless after being told what these ladies are having to handle in their lives and the lives of their loved ones ( I KNOW! Me, speechless! AMAZING!) . Ultimately though I am in awe of how the Lord provides and helps and teaches in each of these circumstances, and yeah, the praying thing....that's a lesson I can never learn too much.

So, today I got up early to take the roommate and her hubby-to-be to the airport and now I'm sitting on my couch finally having a moment to catch up on all the internet correspondence that needs to be done. I've gotta get all these "solitary" activities out of the way, because on Sunday my "oldest friend in all the world" is coming to visit! That's right! Amy K. will be here for almost a week and I'm super excited about sharing my life in the North West with her. This of course means more neglecting of my Navigator Girls, but I'm HOPING that will somehow figure out a way to do everything.....

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