September 04, 2009

On my mind

Well, the party was a success! By the time I got home I was exhausted beyond belief, but it was good knowing that we'd given about twenty-five wives who'd had a horribly tough month, a little bit of reprieve.

There is this symptom that I have, though, that right before any party that I throw I start to freak out that I have not planned enough food...and then, then when the time comes and its all said and done, there is WAY too much food ( which, really isn't that big of a problem) but still...I can, in know way, figure out how to tell myself that what I have planned will BE ENOUGH. *sigh*

Today I slept in. And it was wonderful I don't think I've mentioned this, but I've been going to be later and later and getting up early and early, and its just not pretty. Abigail needs her 8-10 hours or she starts talking in the third person, and nobody needs that. Either way, its been pretty awful-I'm not sure why I've been sleeping so badly but whatever the case, I was really really happy for the sleep in.

Tomorrow I'm getting up at the CRACK of dawn to take Amy and Baby Dave to the airport. I'm not sure Starbucks makes a strong enough coffee for this...

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