September 23, 2009


So, I was on the very first flight from Houston to Seattle that Alaskan Airline has even flown today. It was annoying. There was loudness and business men and political figures getting in the way of my "travel calm".

Thank goodness there was free cake that I pushed some small children out of the way for, or it would have been a total bust.
( seriously, you'd think people had never seen food before and that we were all starving to death in africa the way people attacked the free food.)

Annnnyway, I scored a free keychain, a free tin of breath mints ( random) and a free luggage tag....and my flight was uneventful. Got a beautiful view of Mount Rainier as we flew over and I got this HUGE wave of sadness that I will shortly be leaving this place, possibly forever.

And then I got home, and I wandered around the apartment, happy to see my bed and my couch all waiting for me to snuggle in again. ( I'm such a homebody)....and since I've been gone, the weather has changed into the most beautiful crispy fallish feeling that I LOVE MORE THAN ALL OTHER SEASONS.... And it started to sink in, that in a months time, the Army will come in and pack it all up and I will leave Washington and a brand new adventure will begin.....

And I was JUST about to feel really awful about all this, because we all know I HATE CHANGE and I DON'T LIKE MOVING and I DON'T LIKE MAKING NEW FRIENDS....

and then, a friend texted me about some exciting news in her life, and it was like a little whispered reminder of what I already know....

Life must change, for how else will it get better? Change can also bring along with it beautiful surprises that you would not have gotten to experience if you had been too afraid to face the newness coming your way...

For instance, in just a little over a month I get my husband back. After 348 days without him, HE WILL BE BACK! ( These are the types of changes I can get behind.)

ALSO, in a little under 9 sister is going to have a BABY!

Talk about a good change, huh?!

So, even though I'll probably complain a lot in the coming days, I am looking forward to the end of 2009 and 2010 with MUCH anticipate. I know the changes that it will bring, will also bring unspeakable joys-some of which we don't even KNOW about yet!!!


RC said...

"travel calm" nice term --- know just hat you mean.

Whew - thinking of 2010 makes me sort of anxious - some times I just want time to slow down.

# 47 said...

Yeay for all the good surprises - they're worth it!! :)