October 05, 2009

Eventually this too shall pass- then we'll party.

So, I'm feeling a tad overwhelmed, and yet there is only one outstanding reason for these feelings:

That's right, this month has "wait and see" written ALL over it and that makes me feel more than uneasy. For instance, I bought plan tickets for Kansas to retrieve my husband ( yay!) and then not two days later those dates changed....to SOONER. Whoa.
And now, now we're just not sure at ALL when he's going to arrive...and of COURSE, I want to see him sooner rather than later, but turns out I have a lot of loose ends to tie up here in Washington and so far I've been taking it pretty slow, so maybe that should change?! My plans should be adjusted?! eh.

And then on top of all that some personal drama has rocked my world over the last day and I feel pretty well deflated. I just want to blink and wake up for the party that comes AFTER all the drama and the work and the hardness that these next few weeks are offering up.

But, I don't think it would be worth it. Its not worth missing out on all the work that goes into life, because the work itself provides a lot of wonderful things that would leave a gapping hole if they were not part of this "experience". I know, though I do not feel it now, that eventually I'll look back on this month and I'll see many good things...after all, its not very often ( unless you're me...and then it happens every year...) that you get to say goodbye to wonderful friends, and look over your time together and see how you've grown, how God has taught, blessed and loved-and its not very often that you get to drive across country ( unless you're me and you did it a year ago) with your best friend and start over in a brand new state. ( unless you're me and you did it twice in the past year)....so really, I should live it up! Because you only live once! And these are...the days of our lives ( Yes, I just said that)....this post just went down hill fast.


This week is going to be a quickie because I'm going to spend part of it in Iowa. I know, Iowa. Who thought I'd ever go THERE on purpose?! HAHAHA! See?! Life IS pretty insane! So, yes, I'm going to Iowa and there I'll spend three fast paced days trying to create the best possible wedding environment ever for the Linds. I'm so sad she'll no longer be living with me, but then again I'm INCREDIBLY excited for her and the new Hubby. Seriously. Weddings. They are the best.

And now I'm going to go...because I'm about to babysit for Amy while she's at a dentist appointment. This means I get to watch cutie Dave for an extending period of time. He is SO Yummy! Maybe I'll take some pictures and post them....you know, as a warm up, for when I have kids and my blog turns into one of those Mommy Blogs! HAHAHAHAHAHA! ( just kidding, it'll still be all about me.)

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Rachael said...

Hey now, some of us take offense to your comments about Iowa, there are some people that DO visit here on purpose...of course I'm not one of them, just kidding! :) The trees are really pretty now, but hopefully it will warm up for you a little while you're here!