October 20, 2009

Side effects may include...

So, I guess that explains why I was all weepy last night....I was getting sick. And oddly enough fevers have always made me cry.
( or is that really so odd? I mean, come on, they are awful!)

Anyway, today I've spent pretty much ALL DAY in bed watching TV on Hulu.com
And while life is continuing to look bleak because of sickness I bring you a list of things I'm grateful for, anyway:

1. The Army movers. I mean, sure, its possible they will break things and loose things and I reserve the right to complain about it later...but right now I am SO GRATEFUL that I am not having to pack at right this minute.

2. Brett Bear. My stuff bear with the hot water bottle inside of it, is STILL the most ingenious present that Brett has ever given me. Its SO useful! And the next time you're achey and feverish...you'll wish you had a hotwaterbottlebear to snuggle with too!

3. My friends who've been sweet enough to think of me while I've been sicky. And especially Cindy for bringing me a card, soup, EmergenC and cheesecake ( for when I'm feeling better!)...and I'm going to go ahead and be grateful AHEAD OF TIME for Steve who's offered to bring me the fourth season of How I Met Your Mother so I can watch it while I'm all laid up in bed.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry you feel sicky...that's terrible!!
Aunt Donnave