November 07, 2009

Stage one: complete

So, I'm currently sitting in the Kansas City Airport, getting ready to head back to Washington and thus stage one of "The Master Plan" will be complete. "Master Plan" seems a bit much, but that's what popped in my head so we're gonna go with it...besides I'm a bit much, so there you go....

First of all, in my last post I promised I'd give you the stalkerish run down of what the next two weeks hold for Brett and I and now I will fulfill said promise:

Stage 1: Already complete! That consisted of coming here to Kansas and re-unite with Brett. Done and DONE! (Yay! Being married is infinitely better in person. And if you're ever planning on getting married yourself ( if you aren't already), take it from me....have it be an "in person" marriage as much as humanly possible.

Stage 2: Return to Washington.
I'm currently doing this right now, and Brett will be doing it in a couple of hours. This is excellent news, since for a little while we thought he wouldn't get to leave until tomorrow. But, now I'll get to see him again at 7pm tonight! yay!

Stage 3: Spend a moment in Washington.
Basically a day. But, Brett has people he definitely wants to see ( fair enough)...and its already hard for me to think about having to say more permanent goodbyes to our loved ones in Wash....but at least we'll get to do it together! So we're spending tomorrow with as many packed in good moments as we can!

Stage 4: Start the road trip! We'll be heading down the West Coast towards San Fran and in the early part of next week we're hoping to hit up a childhood friend of Brett's ( seriously, they met in elementary school and re-connected via the magical facebook) and see the Redwood Forests ( a childhood dream of mine realized. Are they really that big?! We're going to find out!!!)

Stage 5: We'll continue on with the driving and break it up by stopping by for a quickie visit with Brett's college friend The Newtons. I'm going to go ahead and call them my friends too...because they're super cool and the kind of people that I feel that geographical challenges are the only thing keeping us from being super tight. hehe.

Stage 6: Finally get out of California. And now to another Abigail Childhood Dream. A little bit off the trek but TOTALLY worth it...we're going to see the Grand Canyon. ( is it really that awesome of a hole?! We're going to find out!!!!

Stage 7: And just in case you think we're ONLY going to be driving ( although the previous stages don't mention it very much)...we'll be stopping to spend sometime at an Arizona Natural Hot Springs ( and spa! which I doubt is natural...but perfectly wonderful nonetheless).

Stage 8: Hot tail it onwards....stopping to visit The Biggs Family for a moment in time. ( Sadly bad timing meant that Brett and I are missing out on a Reunion Weekend with his College Buddies...but we thought we'd fit in as many of them along the drive, as we could to make up for won't be the same, but we PROMISE to try to make it to the next one. Meh!) ...and then continue on with the driving.

Stage 9: Now that we're finally in Texas we'll enter into full-on Family Mode and that'll start with a visit with Brother Joshua. ( Sounds amish when I say it that way. awesome.) and then do another All Important Detour to....

Stage 10: Nacogdoches! Where we'll be spending every possible second with Brett's Mom as we possibly can. Sadly we won't be there for Thanksgiving-but we're hoping to make up quantity with quality here.....

Stage 11: ( I'll turn 26 somewhere around here...and while Birthday's are a VERY BIG DEAL to me...It looks like it might just get passed over this year, and for once I don't mind AT. ALL. I must be finally growing up(!!) )
And finally the fun will be over and we'll put our heads down and start REALLY HARDCORE driving and finally end FORT BENNING, GA. Where we will live....

*Editors Note*: It has been FAR TOO LONG since I've had my husband around, and this was made self-evident by how many times I had to go back and change the word "I" to "we". Seriously, stink sometimes.

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