November 01, 2009

Tina update and its November!!

I just had to throw that last part in because I'm so excited about means that Brett's coming home in, like, FOUR DAYS!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

But, the praises don't stop there, yesterday I went to visit Tina and I was incredibly encouraged by our time together!

First of all, Tina is staying with a wonderful couple who she lived with a few years ago when she was going to Community College, getting her prerequisits for nursing school. Tami met me at the front door and I immediately was hit by her love/motherliness. I KNOW Tina is in good hands staying there, and she has a whole little suite to herself and her visitors!
Praise #1: Tina has a loving, comfortable environment to recover in!

When I walked into the room Tina was talking to some friends and telling them about her ordeal. She was sitting up straight on a couch, using hand motions, cracking jokes, animation was everywhere. If you know Tina you this is what we've been missing the last week and a half!
Praise #2: Tina is herself again!

The other thing about seeing Tina sitting there on that couch like that, was how she looked. One of the most shockingly awful things about Steven Johnson's Syndrome is that her ENTIRE body was covered with this horrible, bubblingly rash-and it was dreadfully hard to see such a pretty girl like Tina ravanged with red/purpley boils. But the recovery is going so well!
Praise #3: Tina's wounds are recovering wonderfully! Her face is looking especially good, and all her wounds are scabbing and coming off beautifully!

And now for my FAVORITE part of this story, the part that I think absolutely PROVES God's hand upon this whole horrible ordeal that Tina has been through and that we continue to pray her through....

Miracle #1:
Several months ago Tina turned 23 and therefore lost her military insurance that she had through her Dad. So, of course, she needed to get some other insurance...buuuuut that cost money, and she was never ever sick so she put it off. But, she finally made some arrangements through her school and filled out some paper work. But she still hadn't paid for it or officially gotten the insurance coverage. Well, I may get these dates a little wrong-but Tina said that the Monday before things really escalated ( on the Friday), she had gone to class anyway, and she was feeling terrible so she was going to go home immediately after, but a friend of her's reminded her to go turn in her insurance check before. So she did.
And Miracle #2: The insurance company processed her check on the day that they received it. and...
Miracle #3: Her insurance went into effect the DAY BEFORE she went to the emergency room and spent the next week in hospitals.


That right there is how God has incredibly provided for Tina and I know that He will continue to answer our prayers concerning her recovery!!!!

Tina's prayer requests are as follows:

Prayer Request #1: Tina's eyes are still a concern. She can see a little, but its VERY blurry and she definitely can't read or watch things on T.V. or see a computer screen very well. Pray that her eyes would continue to heal and recover FULLY!!

Prayer Request #2: Tina's nursing school supervisor is going to visit her this next week so they can discuss a course of action regarding her schooling. Tina was on track to graduate in December and she wants with all her heart to graduate with the classmates that she has been with since the beginning! Please pray for her instructors to work WITH Tina to make this possible even through this ordeal!

Prayer Request #3: Tina's insurance miracle WAS incredible, but there will still be medical bills and financial strain even with the insurance. Pray that the Lord would continue to provide for her ( and if you'd like to donate some money to Tina's medical fund, I can put you in touch with Jamie Fischer who is taking care of that angle!)

Thanks to all of you who have prayed for Tina over this last week! How beautiful to be able to share such a report so SOON after such a scary time! The Lord is good!

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