November 23, 2009

Too much personal growth

So, you may be wondering why you haven't heard from me since arriving in Georgia/Alabama...well, the reason for this is mainly because I'm being asked ( by life) to do SO MUCH personal growth right now that I literally had to take a nap because it was so tiring. And, well, personal growth is definitely something I like to talk about AFTER THE FACT so that I don't look so self-involved and lame.
This, of course, means we'll have "testimony worthy" blog posts in like a month or something after all the holiness and the growing happens-but until then I'll just have to hope that any post I do will not have the complaining and whining seeping through TOO MUCH.

Oh, and remember when I posted that little video of me talking? The one where I shared the last message that I shared at the Navs study in Washington that I did?! Well, I talked about "first weeks" in that little talk. I talked about how totally horrible and bleak everything seemed and that in times like those you have to have faith and read your bible and be reminded of His promises etc. etc.

Well, turns out I need to start preaching to myself pronto, and it also turns out that when you're in the middle of "first weeks" it is INCREDIBLY HARD to see the light.

And just so you'll know kind of the general direction from which I'm coming iphone does not work on the street where we're living. ZERO COVERAGE. It works pretty much EVERYWHERE ELSE but here. It's pretty much like life slapped me in the face and then laughed at me.

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Thomas, Katie, & Eden said...

Hang in there! You'll come through as a wonderful, christian example. And I know this how? Because God knows I need one before I have to do it (and because you ARE a wonderful, christian woman)!! Obviously our lives are drastically different for many reasons- mostly revolving around the reasons our husbands are going to be repeatedly dragging us around the country over the next decade, but I'm feeling you on the hard first weeks. Text me your mailing address when you know it!