December 08, 2009


So, wow...I should have asked you guys for recipes a long time ago...especially since it meant that I found out about SEVERAL OF YOU having SECRET BLOGS that you DIDN'T TELL ME ABOUT. OK, so maybe they weren't secrets...but *i* sure didn't get the memo! So now I'm super excited and following you all on google reader, which is the greatest thing on the internet next to facebook ( which has been acting up lately, so I'm not a happy camper, and hulu.

Anyway, the recipe and food suggestions were super great and I love the internet for hooking me up with each one of you...oh, and those of you who didn't post recipes ( Amy, I do not have you chili recipe...pass that on to everyone in the comments, if you don't mind)...I'd love to have them! And I hope that others will benefit from my question too!

In other news, Brett and I got our household goods back from the army today. I haven't seen our belongings since October 29th. That's right. OCTOBER and it was sad to see them being put directly into storage. *sigh* Luckily, I have a saintly husband who went through many a box with me to find several items that I CAN NOT LIVE WITHOUT. Example: my dry erase wall calendar.
Does this not show how totally uptight I am?

I also could not live without Brett Bear. Even though I have the ACTUAL living and breathing Brett around now, its nice having the hot-water bottle version too.

Oh. And my shoes.

So, yeah, like I said, saintly husband.


Anonymous said...

Yeah posting it isnt going to work out because its reeeeeeally long. But I CAN forward it to you ;-)

Anonymous said...

Tell your sister I said Congrats on the baby!! I have a little girl myself and they are lots of fun.

Brien Abt