January 13, 2010

The nice things

Here is a not so great picture I'd like us to consider for the purpose of today's blog post....

I snapped this this morning when trying to get a good shot of Hunter ( the cat)-but this cat is hard to photograph because where ever you are, Hunter wants to be righthereontopofyou.

So, today we will look at two things about this picture that actually make me happy about living in Alabama/Georgia.
First, this cat.

This cat is my favorite kind of cat. I'm pretty sure he thinks he's a dog. For one thing he looooves people. And he wants to be with you as much as possible, so he's really good for a snuggle and some unconditional loving.
And two, if you go for a walk, and I'm not even kidding, this cat will GO WITH YOU.
And not just a short distance but a long ramble through the woods, and this cat will walk right along side you, no running off exploring, maybe just a few bounds ahead-but then he's back, waiting for you to catch up the pace.
Its pretty much the greatest.

And then there is the second thing that I'm loving about AL/GA....notice the SUN in this picture?! That's right, friends! As much as I bemoan the lack of coffee shops and the lack of my favorite restaurants or mountains and ocean ( ok, maybe I should stop now)....this place has sun...and in the winter time! How fabulous is that? AND speaking of the sun, it doesn't go down at 4 in the afternoon either! Which is also a plus.

So, there you have it. Some nice things about where I'm living.


Anonymous said...

Thanks love, for posting this. It's really great to know you're happy ;)

Paul James said...

Now that's a cat worth keeping!

MrsThomas said...

HA! I see that you are wearing your awesome pajama shirt in this photo. was this before of AFTER the video conference? :P