January 09, 2010

Target Practice

Remember how last year I had to buy Brett two guns while he was in Afghanistan? And remember how supportive and wonderful I was? And how I didn't complain about it at all?

Yeah. Me too.

Anyway, we now live out in the country where he can shoot his guns whenever he wants ( which there is no end to his delight)...and today he unwrapped one of his Golden Birthday Presents to find the PERFECT TARGET PRACTICE companion ever.

I got him a poster of Edward from Twilight with some insipid quote underneath. Brett was very excited.

I think its going to help relieve him of a lot of stress.


Anonymous said...

So THAT'S what those posters are for...it makes perfect sense to me now.

Love you,

Emily said...

haha.... even though I have to say i really did enjoy the books... this seriously had me laughing out loud.