January 14, 2010

Dress for success

So, kids, I don't know if you know this-but working from home is THE BEST. I don't know what you do for a living, but you should really see if you can finagle a way to do whatever that is at home, because there is nothing like working in your PJs. But, I must tell you-be careful, otherwise you'll end up in the spot I did a few days ago:

Imagine its 11:15 in the morning and imagine that Abigail is lounging on her bed ( in her PJs) checking her emails-because that's the norm for most days ( I know, you're jealous of my life...tell me about it later). Now, imagine that she starts getting emails from the higher-ups saying they're trying to put together a video meeting so that Abigail can meet some other people that she'll be working with at "headquarters" ( that sounds fancy doesn't it?)-and even if it doesn't sound fancy, Abigail had the knowledge and knowhow to realize that MOST people who have jobs on a weekday at 11:15 are NOT wearing their PJs....But NO BIGGIE, the meeting wasn't going to be until tomorrow so she was safe!

Safe until 5 minutes later when the meeting was quickly moved to 11:30. It was now 11:25.

But, don't you worry your little head, Abigail is a smarty, she knows that her computer camera can see only "this much" of her....so she assesses the situation. She was at that moment was wearing an ( incredibly soft) t-shirt from Old Navy that had a giant ( not very classy) peace sign on it-in red, white and blue star spangled glory. This number was paired with some pink cropped paints with lace around the bottoms. But hey! No one was going to see THOSE! So, Abigail threw her hair in a pony-tail and THEN in PURE GENIUS she threw on a green scarf ( to cover up the peace sign)...and so, if she angled her computer camera just right no one would ever know that she was not meeting business casual standards....

And I really think this would have worked. I really think I would have gotten away with this plan, if there hadn't been technical difficulty....which I'll now tell you about, but first I must remind you that I actually live with my main boss...he and his wife have an apartment off of the main house, and he was the one setting up this meeting.
So when technical difficulties happened, and they couldn't support three cameras he quickly invited me over to his office to sit in front of his computer and use that camera.

And that would have been fine-but I had to walk in and sit down at the computer with people looking on. Meaning, everyone got to watch me walk in, in all my mismatched PJ glory...with an added green scarf for extra flair.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the entertainment. Nothing like a good laugh (at your expense, unfortunately)!

Love you,

MrsThomas said...

HAHAH! I never get enough of this story! Still JUST as hilarious as the first time you told me :) I'm glad now that EVERYONE can share in this glorious story :)

Anonymous said...

Love it! Louise