March 25, 2010

Missing my other half

So, I'm currently in California getting ready for our good friends Chuck and Bethany's wedding. ( more about that in future posts) but thanks to awesome army, Brett won't be able to leave Georgia until late Friday night getting him to California at horrible hours not to be mentioned... This makes me beyond sad ( and worried, he has a 3 hr drive starting at 2am our time once he reaches LA to finally get to where the wedding is) because I know he would really love seeing Chuck right now. But, I am so proud of him and all that he sacrifices on a daily basis for me and for those around him. It's rough when people assume he can take a friday or a Monday off here and there ( are real world jobs really like that?!?)- but like I said I'm so proud at how little Brett complains or asks for anything in return. And I know that being able to stand up with Chuck and Bethany is important to both of us and so even if it's just for the day I know it'll be worth it!All that being said, I wish he was here with me right now. This is a silly picture from our date night before I left, if you haven't had Bruster's Real Icecream, you are MISSING OUT! (this is one of the good things about Georgia).


sharville said...

Come visit us!! Okay, clearly, you have important plans this weekend, but seriously, if you have any free time, give us a call and we'll come meet you!

sharville said...

Oh- I just saw that you're three hours away. Just kidding!