March 09, 2010

Not so bad

So I just wrote this whole whiny and complainy post about the trials and tribulations of trying to buy a new ( to us) car...and then when I got to the end of it I took a moment to think how just DARN LUCKY we really are...that these are the problems that we're having...problems like, "I don't know anything about car shopping" problems.

THAT'S not a bad problem to have.

Another bad problem that's not that bad is having the smell from last nights dinner ( Peanut Thai Satay*) still permeating the kitchen. I mean, its not really the greatest because I'm TOTALLY over the meal now that I've eaten it, but at the same was good...and who doesn't like a reminder of goodness?!

Anyway, so I deleted that post...which is kind of a shame because I said some witty things in there amidst all the whiny and complainy stuff...but ah well, such is life.

And in other news, I'm flying to Texas this weekend to see my sister's pregnant belly for myself. I have only seen ONE PICTURE of it since Christmas and so I must travel the hundreds of miles to behold it for myself. I have a feeling it will make me feel a lot less pregnant once I am able to compare my own pregnant bulge with her 8 month one. But, I promise that this weekend I will also make sure that I get some "belly shots" of myself too...because people keep asking me for them and I keep procrastinating because I have honestly felt like there wasn't much to see until recently and then, now that there IS something to see I do NOT feel like getting my picture taken ( what happened to the whole "pregnant women GLOW" thing?!?! ).

And in baby related news, Hiphopopotamus has started full fledge kicking and punching this week. The favored time to do this kicking?! While I'm on the computer. I'm not sure if its because I'm usually lying on my back or because the whiring of my laptop is making he/she active...or maybe none of the above. But its pretty crazy that my child is ALREADY annoyed that I'm on the computer all the time. ;-)


S.P. said...

I'm so totally jealous about several things in this post... I'll list them for you so you don't miss any.
1. Totally jealous your going to texas! I've been homesick latley. *tear*
2. Totally jealous you'll be "home." I miss nac for some odd reason. (See number 1.)
3. Totally jealous you get to see your sister. I miss her!
4. Totally jealous that you get to see your sisters pregnant belly. I've only seen one picture too. (Also refer to number 3).

But enough about me! Enjoy your trip!

Thomas, Katie, & Eden said...

I'm jealous too! Haha. You HAVE to send me those pics. I too have only seen one picture of Anna and I have it on good authority that there is more to photograph these days :), and I haven't seen any pics of you!

Oh, and I loved the kicking part. It's a totally amazing feeling- so happy for you :)

Trinity said...

I always thought that the baby would be active when I was active b/c of the motion, but, no, they say your motion lulls the baby to sleep so the baby is active when you are still b/c s/he then wakes up. That's why s/he is kicking when you're on the computer. (Leave it to me to take all the mystery out of it, right?) By the way, how many weeks are you now? I don't think I felt Noah until about 19 weeks, but I think I felt Micah at 16 weeks. Your pregnancy is progressing much faster than mine did! (That's a joke, by the way.)