March 18, 2010

Using what you've got

So, I live out in the boonies. This has been established. And while its nice to not have blinds in your front windows ( because there is NO ONE to look in), there are times when you really ( really) miss having a grocery store in a 20 mile radius.

But, the good Lord has been gracious to me, and slowly weened me off of constant grocery access. When we first got married, Brett and I lived directly behind an Alberstons. I could LITERALLY walk a few hundred feet and be in arms length of a forgotten gallon of milk or vegetable for tonights dinner. I did not have to think ahead at ALL when it came to the weeks groceries. Life was good.

Then, when I moved to Dupont, I was shocked to find that the nearest grocery store was 10 minutes away!! How horrible! How could things be so unhelpful?!? But, since a Starbucks was right next door...I learned to deal with my problems.

And then we moved here...where there is nothing, nothing nearby.

Which brings me to my point: About a month ago, we saw a new building going up on the side of the highway about a mile and half from our turn off ( making it about 3 miles from our house)...soon this building began to take shape and then they put the sign up....DOLLAR GENERAL in big bright yellow letters.

I was so excited that I exclaimed to Brett as we drove passed, "I can't wait till the Dollar General opens!!"

And that's when we both knew that we really were living at the edge of civilization.

This past weekend I went to Texas and when I came back on Tuesday evening I noticed all the cars out front of the Dollar General and I knew that my dreams had finally come true! It had opened!

So, it seemed only right that yesterday afternoon when my sweet tooth started calling my name loudly and I realized that I had ALL the ingredients minus one can of peaches for the Lazy Mom's Peach Cobbler that it was obviously the time to make my virgin trip to the Dollar General.

It did not it is in all its glory.

Ok, so now to the real point of this post....

When you live out in the middle of no where ( or even if you don't) you can appreciate when a recipe is SO simple and has SO few ingredients that you pretty much CAN'T FAIL.

And that is how I have come to stand by this new recipe that was posted over here at this great blog ( I am a Lazy Mom)-see?! I'm already starting my training early! hahah!

But basically all you need for this recipe is three cans of peaches ( or some other fruit...I just so happen to have the peaches), a box of white cake mix ( although, in the future I think I'll go with a yellow cake mix...they taste just a little better), some cinnamon and a stick of butter. I mean, these are all STAPLES in my house, I don't know about impress your husband, your girl friend, your neighbors or just your own taste buds and the next time you have a hankering for something yummy and fast...WHIP THIS RECIPE OUT!

( your welcome)


Stacey said...

Okay, two comments on this....

1. That is the most pitiful Dollar General I think I have EVER seen. But because it's brand spankin' new and because it brings you such joy, forget that I just disgraced the place. :)

2. Thank you for the shout out! I love that you made the recipe and shared it on with your commrads. :)

The end.

Anonymous said...

One question from an ignorant kiwi, what is white (or yellow) cake mix? We primitive cooks tend to start from scratch - flour, baking powder, sugar, etc.

Anonymous said...

The ignorant kiwi is Jenny Woolley, by the way - I must learn to sign my comments.

Abigail... said...

HAHAH! Don't I know it!!! I couldn't believe when I got to NZ and couldn't find a "cake mix" in a box ANYWHERE. Culture shock for sure! hehe!
So, yes, I guess this "easy" recipe requires you to be live in the USA where just about anything comes in box form. :-)

Anonymous said...

Including a 'Bed-in-a-box' according to Paul!

Lyds said...

Ahaha! This post reminds me of the Unicol peaches and whipped cream debacle of 2002!!!