April 08, 2010

Wherein I do NOT talk about food...

So, my good friend Lindsay did a little calculations today and took note that of my 12 lasts posts, six of them are about food. hahaha!!!

I guess this proves that my fears that I would "never ever like food again" were greatly unfounded. Greatly. But seriously, that's how I felt! Its amazing how quickly one forgets how AWFUL morning sickness is...I guess this is why we are not all only children.

Annnyways, my topic for tonight is NOT pregnancy related ( and the townsfolk all rejoiced!) its about my weekend plans! Brett and I had a nice "restful" weekend last weekend ( i.e. we didn't travel anywhere) and now we're off again!! This time to the All Military Navigator Ministry Conference in Colorado! I'm excited for several reasons, first I'm going to get some MUCH needed fellowship time in with some of my bestest friends from Washington, secondly there are some SUPER COOL speakers and workshops that I get to attend and thirdly I know there will be ton of unexpected great times mixed in for good measure....such as the fact that this conference is being held in a nice hotel where I HEAR they have excellent beds. I cannot WAIT to sleep in an excellent bed. And those little tiny bottles of shampoo...I love those. Hotels. I'm a big fan.

So! There you go! I'll be back on Monday, if not sooner to tell you how it all goes down!


Stacey said...

I believe I have also pointed out your love of food topics on your blog before as well! Or was that your facebook??

Anyway, have FUN on your trip!!! Take in the gorgeous Mountains for me and sing a few bars of "the hills are alive...." as well.

Oh, and what movie was that from (and the townspeople rejoice) can't think of it!

Anonymous said...

Hotels. You're a big fan, to say the least. Remember when you announced that you wanted to live in a Four Seasons when you grew up?

Yo Mama