May 10, 2010

by 3rds

So, woo HOO! Third Trimester! Here we are!!

I gotta tell you, when I saw the little count down switch over from "2nd" to "3rd" it was met with mixed emotions. On one hand I'm like "YES!!! One step closer!!"
but on the other hand there are moments when I'm majorly freaked out about this whole "having a baby" thing.

Whatever the mood though, the thought process is surely interrupted by Ransom kicking me. Which is his new favorite thing to do. That or doing cartwheels in my stomach. He's a fan. A big fan.

In fact, last night I had my iphone perched on my stomach as a laid in bed. ( its quite the handy little shelf) And my phone literally JUMPED off my stomach. Thus, Brett and I spent a good twenty minutes just sitting and watching my phone jump around.
Good times, good times.

I did make a few mistakes this weekend that I SERIOUSLY paid for....number one was having MEGA spicy Thai food for dinner on Friday night, and then waking up on Saturday morning with an urge for a Starbucks latte ( this is pretty odd since I haven't really had starbucks since becoming pregnant) and even though I had a decaf-I suffered the serious acid reflux results of those culinary delights. UGG!

And so pregnancy passes....I'm sure one day I will look back on these moments with great nostalgia so I might as well enjoy the waddling while I can....


Rachael said...

Yay! It's getting so close! I want to see pictures!!

Tabitha said...

Or you can scare your kids by telling them with far too much glee to "just wait until you have kids."

Katie said...

Hurray for the 3rd trimester! Can't wait to get to see little Ransom :)