August 05, 2010

It must be a pillow

So, I am currently torn between two conflicting emotions-one is that I am annoyed/afraid by all the comments from everyone that my stomach is looking so small ( he measures pretty small too..but this COULD be because he's moved down so low into my pelvis..) and it makes me feel somehow guilty or bad that he isn't bigger, like maybe I didn't eat enough carrots ( gross!) or something during my pregnancy. And I can't STOP myself from comparing my stomach size to other women and it DOES seem like I look smaller than most women who's due date is TOMORROW.

The other part of me is really really tired of being giant. And that's right. I feel giant and I look giant. How can I say this while I just said I looked smaller than other I blame hormones. But, believe me...ITS POSSIBLE TO BE BOTH.

I'm also really starting to pray hard that Ransom will come on his own. I so do not want to be induced!!! And yet, I'm already feeling discouraged that he'll never EVER come out if left to his own devices! He just seems to DARN HAPPY to continue kicking my ribs and causing heartburn forever and ever.


mktgaggie05 said...

Abigail...this may not be comforting (please feel free to delete if it's not!), but my cousin's baby arrived about two weeks after his expected due date. He just came when he was ready, when it was time. Unless the doctor fears there's a problem, I don't think you should have to be induced. Anyway, I'm praying for you - that your fears and concerns will be replaced with peace. God handpicked Ransom's due date. :o)

Christa said...

Dont worry! April was small until she deliverd. :)

Love and miss you!