August 25, 2010

Space time continuum

I think we're in some sort of time/space anomaly. Days seem to be flying by and yet theweek that seems to be going extra slowly! Brett hasn't even been gone four days yet! Unbelievable! Time has really gotta start speeding up!

And speaking of Brett, he has the 15 mile ruck march out to Camp Darby tomorrow, so if you'd like to be praying for something you can be praying for that....lots of blisters and sore backs ( they have to carry all their gear, and let me tell you...there is a LOT of it!) coming up!

Also, if you'd like to write Brett a letter while he's in Ranger School you can do that too! Here's the address you'll need for the first phase ( it'll change in about three weeks so I'll keep you updated).

Captain Brett Wilson, 324
4th Ranger Training Battalion
ATTN: Class,10-10 Company C
10850 Schneider Road
Fort Benning, GA 31905

And here's an interesting factoid about Brett and Abigail:
Our relationships basically began through letters to Ranger School! As I've mentioned before this is not Brett's first go around with Ranger School and the first time ( which was almost five years ago! CRAZY!), he and I were still just friends. We had tentatively started talking a lot more and I definitely had a HUGE OL' crush on him and so when I found out that he was going off to some "school" for months on end where his only communication was going to be letters by mail, I was pretty disappointed. I didn't want to write him unless he specifically asked me to-since I didn't want to appear desperate ( ha!) and as the days leading up to his departure slipped away and he had made no such request I figured any ideas of a Brett and Abigail union where, just that, ideas....but then! On the DAY that he left he sent me an email asking if I'd write him! I was SO HAPPY!
I even remember that the first letter I wrote him was me rambling on about Oceans12-which I think was the movie I was watching at the far we've come since then! I feel like in some ways our Ranger School/Relationship has come full circle since now my letters are not about silly movies but about our son and what God's been saying to me during my quiet times!

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Amy Bushatz said...

Ocean's 12 WAS a great deal sillier than Ocean's 11, so I think you're on to something there.


Love you!