August 31, 2010

We saw the sun

So today Ransom and I were terribly productive. Although he did have a silly way of waking up and demanding to be fed every time I was on the phone with a person ( twice). But, despite that..We had a good day.

I did some storing up of milk so that one day in the future Brett and I can have a date *sigh*. And this may seem very incidental but when you're already feeding your kid and then you're ALSO storing up milk for feel like you are a NON-stop milk cow in a production line or something. Its tiring! So I'm only going to do that once a day...

I wrote some long overdue thank you cards

We went for a WALK ( this was seriously the best part of my day! Honestly it was awesome just to be OUTSIDE. And currently we're having remarkably cool weather here in Georgia. And by cool I mean it was in the 80s.

We worked on Ransom going to sleep for his nap without being held. ( this worked remarkably well...although I confess I WAS putting him down already half asleep pretty much every time).


I did some laundry because Ransom peed on his changing table...twice. ( I need more changing table covers! haha!)

And I ate THREE meals all of which were well balanced ( thanks to my wonderfully full fridge of leftovers from all the great meals friends have brought me!)

So yes, these are all basic things but I feel remarkably proud of each and every one of them...And, just think! Only two more days and I'll have another visitor! And actually, I have to say I so felt the Lord's help the last two days as fact, without even planning I've had a friend come over both Sunday and Monday evening-which, looking back, I think evenings are always the most lonely times of the day-at least for me- and without even a thought the Lord provided help before I even asked for it!


Rachael said...

I think Esther's changing pad thing was usually uncovered with just the plastic showing most of her first year of life...she KNEW when we put a clean one on it and would pee or poop on it EVERY time I swear, so we just stopped recovering it and would just wipe up the mess, great parenting I know. :D

Katie said...

My favorite part of the day was walking to the mailbox after Morris was born! And I totally understand about feeling like a cow. I hated pumping!