October 07, 2010

units of time

There is this episode of Friends where Joey explains to Ross that if you don't work you have to divide your day into units of time...and you shouldn't do too many units in one day.

I took this very much to heart after having a baby...not because I wanted to spread things out, but because I literally COULDN'T HANDLE doing more than one "unit" a day...( i.e. taking a walk, going to the grocery store, going to the post office, cleaning the bathroom etc. etc.)

But, today, without even realizing it I did SEVERAL UNITS one right after the other...and its only 4pm!! So, what happened?!

7 hours of sleep happened!!!

YUUUUUSSSS! My good little baby slept like a champ last night. And therefore so did Mommy.

I hope that this will be a trend and will continue into this weekend- the weekend I like to call "Scare Abigail with a trip" weekend.

That's right, this weekend I am traveling with Ransom ( and several other ladies crammed in my car) to Toccoa, GA for the Navigator Fall conference ( that's a 3 and half hours drive...without a kid, in case you're wondering).
I will somehow figure out how to:
A.travel with my child.
B.pack all the appropriate STUFF that my child seems to need on a daily basis for a three day trip.
C.keep Ransom on a schedule so that he doesn't get cranky while at this conference.
D.go to meetings and also spend time with people at the conference.
E.LEAD a workshop that my friend Keri and I have been preparing.
F.not go insane.

I want to break out into hives just thinking about the logistics of this endeavor.


Anonymous said...

You can doooooo it (with a Nacho Libre voice). Have fun! At this age they still sleep a lot and don't need toys. Praying for you! Love, Amber

Amy Bushatz said...

Just take the trip one feeding at a time ... really. Because that's how your life is rolled out right now, right? So just one three hour chunk at a time. And it will be fine. And I don't care what Luke says, always bring more clothes for you AND for him than you think you need. Nothing like smelly like puke.

Katie said...

Good for you! If anyone can do it you can! After my first trip that we both made it through alive I realized I could do it again. That was very freeing! :)

Aunt Donnave said...

Praying for you...and, boy, does Amy have it right!!