December 11, 2010

Holiday hogwash.

So, last night I threw another holiday party. There were ugly sweaters and I wore my totally awesome footed PJs that Brett and I picked up from the kids department at Target ( did you know that little girls XL is just my size?! Me neither) 
Anyways. The party was a success on several levels. There were leftovers-which either means the food was bad ( and since I didn't make a lot of it and I ate all of it...I can attest to this not being the case) or there was actually enough to eat. And since one of my GREATEST FEARS is to not have enough food on hand to feed any boys that might enter my home...

( no one has YET to get me this cookbook:

that was a success. And by working together, Brett and I were able to win Candyland in the gift exchange...which, I was excited about because that game ROCKED when I was a kid. I hope Ransom likes it it a girlie game??! I just thought of that...hmmm...hope its a gender neutral game. All kids like candy, right?! 

Oh. And you should also know that Nutella Brownies. A MAJOR WIN. 
Here's how to make them:

Mix 3 cups of nutella and two eggs together, then add 10 table spoons of flour. Then a big dash of cinnamon ( make that about THREE dashes) and then fill cupcake papers 3/4 of the way full and bake on 350 for 11 minutes. AND BOOM! Awesomeness. ( side note: do not expect a cakey brownie...this is more "fudge" like....or molten chocolate cake like...) 

I mean I could just eat Nutella out of the jar, but they frown on serving straight nutella at parties so I guess they had to come up with another way. 

SO, now that my last holiday party of the season is donezo. My mind can entirely focus on Ransom's Four Month Wellness appointment on Monday. ( OVER MY DEAD BODY are we going to go through the hell that the shots were last WILL BE BETTER. Or like I said...there will be death. But here's a hint for you...I wont be the dead'll be a technician giving shots who meets there demise.) So yes, I'm a bit stressed about it all...I hate, hate, hate taking Ransom to the doctor...but such is life. And Mama Bear may just come out to play...I'll let you know. 

And then, then after THATS done with...I will focus ALL my attention on packing for our trip to Texas. Did you know that once you have children you must pack everything, including the kitchen sink so that you can travel in comfort?! Well its true. And so I have already started my list of things that I must pack into our blood pressure rises even as I think about it. AND HERE'S WHERE WE GET TO THE HOGWASH!!! 

So, in awesome army fashion...Army decides to send Brett to a class at Fort Stewart starting tomorrow until Wednesday...ummmm....and for those of you who are paying attention we leave for Texas on THURSDAY. 
Good one, Army! Good one. 
Army and I have been on pretty good terms lately. We've been smiling and making small talk when we run into each other in the grocery store...but NO MORE! Why does Army have to go make life all difficult again right when we were starting to get along?!?! OH SURE! Army's been giving Brett half-days for a week...I guess in the hopes that I'd forgive this little piece of "discomfort"...but why don't YOU try to get the oil changed and the tires rotated with a four month old?!?! And why don't you go take your child to get their shots and then deal with the next twenty four hours when the true shot-aftermath takes place. NO LAUGHING MATTER. 

Anyways. This weeks gonna be fun. 

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MrsThomas said...

If it makes you feel any better, Ash and I are happy that Brett is here! :P Although it would be a MILLION times better if you and Handsome Ransom were also here. : )