December 30, 2010

Holiday Sandwich

So, today is my "meat" day. The day sandwiched between two trips. The first trip. The epic "Christmas Holidays in Texas" trip, we got back from last night. Some how we shaved a good two hours off our time. Umm...really have NO IDEA how we did that.

And then tomorrow we're going for a little mini retreat with the other Navigator Leadership Team peoples. Two more nights that I must pack for.

But first I must do a huge MOUNTAIN of laundry and some how put away all the wonderful presents we got for Christmas, plus go grocery shopping. Plus plan a meal for the weekend ( I'm in charge of the first meal of the retreat so I better make it good.).

All this to say that I have a lot to catch up on that will probably NOT get caught up on until NEXT week.

aka. 2011

That's right. 2010 is gonna be GONE.

I promise to write a really good recap of 2010. Stay tuned...

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