January 05, 2011

New Years Resolutions

Ahhh New Years Resolutions! I love these! Mostly because one of them got me a husband that one time.*
But also because who doesn't like a nice clean slate start? Its very Biblical really! Jesus is constantly giving us to opportunity to "begin again". But there's nothing like getting a new calendar to make you feel like you'll have the strength to do things differently this time.

So here we go, yo:

 I feel like in 2010 I hardly read ANY BOOKS. But then I look back and see the giant stack of parenting books that I devoured and I remember that it wasn't that I wasn't reading its just I wasn't reading anything cool. ( Unless you think Child Training is cool. )  But this year I'm going to be a bit more specific. This year I will read 12 books and I will do my BEST to read books that do not revolve around my parenting plight.

This year I am going to update Brett and my Will. This is something we've been sadly lacking in doing before Ransom was born and its a high priority for 2011. I know its kind of a morbid Resolution. But I will definitely feel better when its taken care of.

This year I am going to do some research and make some decisions about investing. While Brett and I do our best to save every month, we do not really know what to do with our money besides stick it in the bank. Maybe that's what we need to keep doing, but I want to at least know that I have researched every possible option.

This year I am going do better about sending Birthday cards. I did pretty well this last year, but once Ransom was born my card buying went out the window. I now think I will have to take maybe just one or two MASSIVE trips to Hallmark, rather than go once a month ( it turns out a twenty minute drive is just toooooo long for my baby to do just for cards.) But I WILL get this done!

I am going to post more pictures on my blog. Be warned. They may not have to do with ANYTHING I'm blogging about, and they may all be of Ransom. But I realized that I just assumed my readers were my facebook friends too...but what if you're not?!? How sad that you'd be missing out on my adorable son! I'd hate that.

So I'm raising this giant glass of water to a new year! WOO!

* Basically on New Years Eve Brett and I reconnected at a party and it JUST SO HAPPENED ( winkwink) that one of my NY Resolutions that year was to be a better correspondent. Niiiiiice.

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Kristin said...

I read your blog and am not a facebook friend - I'd love to see your adorable son! :) An excellent resolution!