March 02, 2011

I want the new ipad and other such ramblings...

Yesterday I read these verses in my quiet time: 
"For nothing will be impossible for God. " ~ Lk 1:37

" Is the Lord's power limited? Now you shall see whether my word will come true for you or not?" ~Number 11:23

I usually take a second look when I see the same theme repeated twice in my readings in very different parts of the Bible. hmmm....looks like He's a BIG God, and sometimes I forget that when I pray teeny-measly little prayers. 

Ransom continues to look like a vampire. And enjoys chewing on things that don't belong to him. Between a Wii controller and my can see what won. ( at least for ME...Ransom TOTALLY still would rather have the iphone but as much as I love Ransom he is NOT chewing on my phone!) 

I really do think that the prospect of getting his little chubby fingers on my phone will officially drive him to crawl....we shall see. 

I have started doing Yoga in my living room three times a week. On Mondays my dear friend Keri is instructing me ( its nice knowing instructors!) and on Weds and Fridays, whatever I can find on Netflix On Demand...( does anyone have any good yoga that they've found on Netflix ondemand that they'd like to share with me?! What I did today was relaxing but not nearly strenuous enough...) 

I am still sore from Monday's workout. 

Its Wednesday. 

Whenever I make meals in my slow-cooker I am hungry ALL DAY. It smells SO good in here! 

Ransom has officially given up the third nap of his day. To be honest I am relieved. I was getting stressed every day wondering whether that day "would he or wouldn't he?!"...its nice just knowing that, no, he will not be sleeping any more...not until bed time!! Which is now thirty minutes earlier. 

I am a crazy scheduled mom. I realize this about myself. But I'm ok with it. This is how I deal with the uncertainties of motherhood. By being a crazy scheduler. 

I want the new iPad sooooo badly. Like THIS MUCH. 

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mktgaggie05 said...

I totally loved this post, Abigail.