April 01, 2011

A weird "miracle".

This morning things started waking me up at 6am. I was annoyed. It was like ONE THING AFTER ANOTHER. And I kept saying to myself, "I'VE GOT THIRTY MORE MINUTES BEFORE MY ALARM GOES OFF!!!"

But, finally when Brett turning the water off and on in the bathroom and a text message FINALLY made me sit up and turn on the light, say enough is enough...I realized I hadn't even SET my alarm and I would have overslept my time with Jesus anyways....

Of course, if this was REALLY* ( *joking here)  a miracle God would have just woken me up exactly at 6:30 so I wouldn't have had to loose that extra thirty minutes of sleep.

Don't worry, I calculated in a little extra "regular" into my coffee grounds this morning...I'm fine.

Incidentally Ransom and I are listening to "Toddler Radio" on Pandora...honestly I always wondered why parents listened to crappy music, but apparently its because there kids are REALLY cute when they are dancing along. Who knew?!

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