May 07, 2011

Great expectations.

Will my child literally need braces before his first birthday because he will have ALL his teeth and his mouth will not be big enough to hold them all?!?

Ransom is getting another top tooth. And if you're counting-that's going to be SIX on top. ( eight in total). These seem to be hurting more than the past ones...but then again, I think I say that every time-so maybe we just forget.

In other news, because of the teething and the odd eating habits that brings about- Ransom's diapers have been...ummm..."explosive"...and therefore I have not had the heart as of yet to go cloth on him.
BUT for those interested. I will more than likely be going the Flip diaper route. I'm excited though also apprehensive since it seems like its going to be more work and we ALL know how lazy I am....

Brett and I just watched the trailer for the very last Harry Potter movie. I think we both got teary. FROM THE PREVIEW! Oh, and it also comes out in theaters the day after our Wedding Anniversary. I KNOW WHAT WE'RE DOING for our anniversary celebrations. ( yes. we are nerdy.)

I'm typing this blog post on my wireless keyboard+ipad. Not quite use to the setup. But still enjoying the "freedoms" of internet fun just about anywhere I want it.

I did a crazy/wild thing yesterday and got a Sam's Club membership. However since buying just two weeks worth of formula from Sam's club PAID for the membership I feel really good about the decision. I guess I just can't believe that I actually PAID for the rights to shop at a store. I always thought that was crazy...but then again, I didn't ever factor in the children. Oh the children. They do change everything ;-)

I can't believe I just equated a grocery store membership to "wild/crazy"...or going to a movie as the perfect anniversary celebration. *sigh* Standards are low at the Wilson House.

Then again, have you watched your child learn how to crawl as your evening entertainment?! Cuz that stuff is RIVITING.

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Rachael said...

Great post, I'm still laughing about it all and pretty much agree with EVERY part of it. Wait until Ransom says great and witty things. You will try to repeat them to everyone and they won't be funny at all because it's impossible for adults to recreate the sincerity and honesty of a toddler/preschooler, and then so much of your life will be "I guess you had to be there." The worse part is that you probably won't stop...we don't even if we're the only ones laughing. Oh parenting brings out all the "crazies" right? :) Miss you guys!