May 15, 2011

Tidbits #1

We've recently gotten involved in some pretty cool stuff with the Great Commission Movement...which, now that I mentioned it ( how clever of me to just weave this plug in like that) you should REALLY go and visit the website and get your OWN GCM started in your area...I mean, seriously, you should!!
Website: Great Commission Movement

Anyway, the whole idea of going OUT and telling more people about Jesus has really chall,

enged me that I honestly STINK at evangelism. I mean, when was the last time I shared about who Christ is with someone, anyone?!

And when I shared my lack with some friends and confessed that I am just utterly terrified of awkwardness that I feel frozen in midmovement when I even THINK of talking to a stranger about something as un-PC as a relationship with of my Wise Friends said something that I really need put on a pillow...

"You can't die from awkwardness."

I know its not as eloquent or anything. But if you knew me and knew how I will dive onto the bullet of awkward silences or awkward situations/conversations by doing just about ANYTHING to avoid them...then you know how important this little perspective meant to me. Hehe...anyway. Maybe I will re-learn how to cross-stitch and frame it up or something...

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