August 17, 2011

Side effects

Brett is working "9 to 9" shifts at work this week. I put that in parentheses because I have yet to see the fruits of that first "9"....its more like 6:30 to 9...but I guess that didn't have the same ring to it.

Anyway, this has caused me to return to very weird eating habits. aka. I eat mostly chocolate.
your traditional "meals" are out the window...but I AM considering making these cake mix blondies I saw on Pinterest.

P.S. I just joined Pinterest today. So don't know much about THAT...but I'm all about consolidating all the fun things I find on the internets...Do I have any readers who are fans? Tips on how to best use this particular resource?


Katie said...

The entire time Thomas was gone I ate like a toddler- it was a bit freeing :). I use pinterest as a way to sort all of the fun ideas I come across on the internet because "starring" stuff in google reader was getting old and ineffective. I think of it as my personal pictorial bookmark manager. I didn't know you could join forces on a board until tonight- fun idea!

Melissa said...

Oh my, I love this post.

1. I cook really WEIRD food when Anthony's gone, aka, a lot of the time. Tonight was veggies with pasta and tomato sauce. It all tasted like hot sauce. Poor Emmy.

2. I joined Pinterest a couple of weeks ago... I use it to keep track of what crafts I want to do and ideas that I have for seasonal stuff. Mostly wishful thinking.

Rachael said...

Hey I'm on pinterest! No tips on how to use it necessarily. I just spend way too much time on there! :) But it is nice to be inspired by beautiful pictures and turn them into to-do/wishlists. It's better than google image search!