September 13, 2011

The Holy Grail of brownies.

In college I lived in a Hall called Carrington. We had an amazing chef who prepared amazing meals for us three times a day.
I ate those meals and they were incredible. I also gained SO MUCH weight during my time there that when I was 9 months pregnant I did not weigh as much as I did then...which is neither here nor there except to point out that the food was AWESOME. And I still dream about the Mud Cake. The Mud Cake was this ULTRA rich chocolate cake that was SO dense it never got a joke in its life, and it was so rich that it put the Queen to shame...anyways. It was incredible and I've spent the past 6 years (!!) trying to find a recipe that lived up to its amazingness...

And then....then I joined Pinterest and I found this little gem:

Guinness Stout Brownies.

You can find the recipe here. And you best head over there right now and make these brownies. Because they will rock. your. world. Also you will need  milk with them or at least some whip cream...possibly some simple vanilla ice cream because they are not your stand alone whimpy brownie. These babies have bite.
And I believe that the search is over. These brownies seriously take the place of Mud Cake. Holy Moly are they good....PLEASE MAKE THEM YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT.

P.S. Katie hasn't contacted me about her Win and she has until Friday to claim her prize or we do another "drawing"....


Katie said...

You can cross me off your winner list. I didn't leave a comment because I thought fingernail polish would be wasted on me and needed to go to someone cooler :).
As for the brownies- SIGN ME UP. Those look awesome!

Melissa said...

Mmmmmm! I'm adding this to my list of things I'm going to OD on when I can eat dairy again :)

Anonymous said...

These look and sound amazing! I'm always in search of an awesome baked good recipe :) Hopefully I can try these when I get back!

crumbshappen said...

I think I might try these! My mouth just watered. chocolate. a girl's worst enemy and best friend. ... frenemy??