October 25, 2011

Back up plan.

Sometimes I totally doubt that things aren't going to work out. Sometimes I think about Brett deploying and what I'll do when he does. 

However, I really need to remember this truth.... When I envision the future I always leave out a very important factor: The GOD factor. 

Like, today for instance. Last night Ransom took two tiny steps. I immediately texted Brett to tell him the exciting news, but at the same time my heart hurt for him! There seemed NO WAY that I'd be able to capture first steps on camera for him to see, and he's always always at work. But, then, this morning after our usual walk my friend Miranda and I were standing in the front yard-SIDE NOTE: ( we'd actually just got back from driving our walking route because we'd lost a blanket from Ransom's stroller some where on the way and had to drive a windy way around our neighborhood till we found it. Good times.).

 And I was trying to get Ransom to take a few steps again. But he didn't. Instead he started for REALZ walking...like, ALL OVER the front yard. And so, because Miranda was there to make sure Ransom didn't face plant...I was able to play camera woman ( and crying mother). 
See? I couldn't have guessed that would happen. It was not the perfect perfect way ( as in Brett and I were there together to cheer on Ransom), but in some ways this is more perfect. This is the life God has given us, and He helps us through it....

On that same note, Brett is headed off into the field tomorrow for 15 days. The cool thing is I'm headed to Texas the day after. The extra cool part is that my family was planning a little "family reunion" that weekend anyway, without even asking what our schedule was ( they always just assume we won't be able to make it.) so it turned out wonderfully that while Brett is gone Ransom and I will be distracted for 10 days by wonderful Texas Family! 
This is JUST LIKE the last time Brett was in the field and our friend Tabitha came to visit. A trip we'd planned long in advance and had no idea that Brett would be gone that week. And there it was. Once again a perfect distraction and company to help me through the lonely times! 

I know that there are a lot (lot) of tough things in our future. But I also can not begin to imagine all the ways the Lord will help us through them. 

Now, check out my kid truckin' it across the lawn...would you guess these are this 3-20th steps ever?! 


Jillian said...

I'm so happy for you guys that you got that on video! I know about the pressure of being the one that needs to pay attention to what's happening, but also film the exciting thing happening! So, way to go Ransom and Mommy!

Lindsay O'Connor said...

Yaaay Ransom! Looks like he's been walking for years!

Anonymous said...

WOW! Yay!!!!