October 02, 2011

Lovely lovely lovelies

Just wanted to post to let everyone know that I've added a little Page Tab at the top of my blog where you can find all the links to the Philippians Week One studies. I need to ponder how/ or if to post the ones sent to me via email. I feel like I'm the winner here since I get to read ALL the posts! You guys make my day ( and week!).

So Ransom might be in the dreaded transition from two naps to one. Either that or he's teething/sick/or just plain ornery...all that to say-we had to spend a goodly amount of time outside in the lovely fall day in the hopes that it would rub off on him. It didn't.

Nothing like some spontaneous stopping of a walk to enjoy a spot. 

You can see here in this picture that Ransom is patting his chest in his "Please" sign. That took a MONTH to perfect. Whew. 

These are all the acorns that Ransom picked up and then dutifully brought over to me. Sometimes he can be sweet. 


Anonymous said...

So proud of you and of Ransom. Pleas is a good lesson to learn.

Aunt Donnave

Jillian said...

Go Ransom! Teaching marley signs was was of the best things we ever did! It is so worth the time, I promise!