January 03, 2012

Red Letter Day

Ransom has a habit of sitting his fridge magnets around the house as though they are standing. It cracks me up to find an "A" on the arm of the chair, or an "I" next to the bathtub...

Today begins the New Year. I mean, sure its the 3rd, but that's a minor detail. For me it starts today....mostly because Brett went back to work today, and thus starts normal life. And "normal" life for 2012 means "single parent mode".

While Brett's 9 month deployment doesn't start until June, he's gone for most of January, parts of February and ALL of March. I am resigning myself to loneliness. And while last night when thinking about days upon days of just me and Ransom I wanted to cry, for the most part I'm curious to see what God is going to do with all this extra "free" time.  If there is ONE THING I've learned from the last few years its don't Doubt God. He comes through every single time....and time and time again when I've faced a future of emptiness and loneliness ( its a reoccurring Army Wife Theme) the Lord has always provide: reminders, letters, friends, projects, activities, trips....He provides.

And in fact, last night when I started to feel a little tear coming into my eye when thinking about this weekend alone ( why is it that weekends are the HARDEST to be alone?!)  I opened my Bible App on my phone and this was on the screen...and for some reason it was HIGHLIGHTED...I guess just so I wouldn't miss it...but its kind of a mystery of how it got highlighted or why it was on the screen ;-)

"Peace I leave with you, my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid..." ( John 14:27) 

And so this new year begins...how will it go? That just remains to be seen...but "little" miracles are expected daily. Happy New Year, everybody!

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