February 23, 2013

In my dreams

A little known fact about me is that when I was younger...pre-kids, pre-husband, I use to day-dream or rather "night-dream" about houses. Not boys or mushy stuff.... houses. That's right. One of the only ways for me to fall asleep at night was to create floor plans. Mansions, houses, cottages, lofts....and then  when I got  a design I particularly liked I'd spend night after night decorating the rooms.

I'll have to ask my Mom, but I think I may have gotten this trait from my Mema? I vaguely remember hearing that she use to do this too...

Anyway, we've recently found a house in San Antonio that we'll most likely rent ( the paper work is just waiting to be signed), and I definitely hope it ends up that way because if we dont then I've wasted a LOT of time! You see, as soon as this house entered my radar as the one we'd probably be living in...my old tendencies kicked back in...you know, the ones I'd lost when I had serious worries to think about at night rather than fanciful dreams...

So, as soon as we decided on the house, and our friends Deb and Bonnie went to look at it and gave it their thumbs up on our behalf, I started piecing together the floor plan by going through the pictures and working out how the rooms probably fit together. And THEN I found this totally awesome app on the ipad that I think is called "room planner" ( I don't have it in front of me).  That allowed me to even put in the dimensions of the rooms and after much scrutinizing of pictures I finally had a floor plan ( minus the bathrooms and the closets in the extra bedrooms...I still havent figured out how they fit) that I think is basically what the house looks like. 

Then once I had my floor plan, it looked rather empty. And this app JUST SO HAPPENED to let you put furniture into the rooms, and it let you change the dimensions of the furniture...and so that's how I ended up running around my house measuring all my furniture, and then inserting it into my make-believe house! Except this time it's supposedly real! Oh what fun! 

Yes, lets just say that's how I spent Tabitha's feeding sessions for about two days straight! I'm definitely excited about a new house to get creative in! I realized that being an Army life has allowed me, in a much more practical, less fanciful, way live out my daydreams...in our five years of marriage we'll have moved 4 times not counting this move and each time I've had to piece together a new home, and I've loved it! Of course this time around I've got a toddler and a 2 month old to contend with so I think the love will be a little less pronounced. For instance, yesterday I had a baby sitter and Brett ( for a little while) at home and I STILL didnt get all the things I wanted to get done accomplished. Seriously. How in the WORLD do people get things done with two children?! Some moms even add work to the equation!! HOW?!?! HOWWWWWW!?! Luckily for me we'll have movers who will pack us and move our stuff otherwise I don't even think this move would be physically possible. Just getting basic prep done for the move is just about maxing me out. That being said, just 3 more weeks in Georgia!! 

Here was the house when I was in the process of moving furniture around....stay tuned for the finish product...and hopefully the real thing ( as long as we survive!)!

( if you click on the plan, it should open up a bigger version, if you're curious)


Aunt Sheron said...

Oh, I love this! Finally, someone who will share a floorplan with me. I usually have to ask if someone would sketch their's out for me. What a great app you have discovered! I never thought about it at night but I loved to draw floorplans and figure out how things would fit in the rooms. Thank you for sharing the excitement of your move with us. Fill in the empty spaces when you get more info. We will be praying for a smmoth move.

Love, Aunt Sheron

Esther said...

Oh my gosh. I did that all the time! Especially when Sarah and I shared a room, we would whisper plan our "Dream Houses" late into the night :)

Amy Bushatz said...

App for the win!
And -- very, very careful prioritizing and list making. I've even started scheduling my days like this "0500: wake up, dress. 0515: breakfast. 0530: at desk. 0530-0540: Facebook. 0540-0600: email. 0600-0605: consider posting calendar. 0605-0620: edit, cq posts for day. 0620-0650: write post on [whatever]. 0650-0700: Facebook (since I facebook like it's my job... cuz it is! Bwhaahha!) ... and so on. All. Day. Long. it definitely makes sure I get stuff done. And it makes sure I do the things that are my priorities. Reading to Dave gets a slot. Bath time gets a slot. I don't do this every day. But I do it on the days my to-do list is extensive and it makes a HUGE difference.