March 09, 2013

Clean house...clean mind

Is this a common phrase? I'm not even sure where it comes from but its definitely true in my life. The last few weeks-really ever since I had a moment in my living room where I noticed how dusty the TV was and I calculated how many days we had left here at Benning ( a week and a half at the time) and I decided it wasn't worth the effort to clean any more....probably a big mistake. I've gotten increasingly frazzled and increasingly on edge ever in point I lost Tabitha's baby monitor for a whole day. Misplaced it in the morning and didn't think much of it, but by the end of the day Brett and I were both scouring the house, even going through the trash cans, trying to find the luck.
Next morning I go to get Ransom some socks out of his sock basket. There was the monitor.

Basically I've become a literal basket case.

To make matters more awesome and "unsettled" Brett and I have moved ourselves and Tabitha into the guest bedroom ( which I had incidentally already deemed "mover ready" so I had to re-make the bed etc.) because Brett noticed tale tell signs of mold in our hole-ridden bedroom ceiling. Just what we and our newborn need are mold spores in our lungs. I am so angry at the injustice of how they have never fixed our roof after 2 years of leaking. Honestly, I know I should just let it go, but I feel like they are getting away with more because its "on post housing" if this were in a typical apartment complex I feel like we'd at least get some rent pro-rated or SOMETHING for this kind of behavior! Now I'm just complaining.

Bottom line. It turns out I'm an orderly person. And I like things neat and tidy and relatively clean. And I can HARDLY WAIT to be living such a life again.....

2 more days till we say goodbye!!

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