August 24, 2013

Children's Books: Books that I love (1 year olds)-golden book love

I feel like in a lot of ways the books that Ransom liked when he was one were a mixture of his board books and then many that we had to "alter" as in, paraphrase the story to fit his attention, these books he now loves as a two year old and will sit through every word. ( Point being, don't let a book being a little bit over your child's head stop you from reading it to them!! ) However, there were definitely some books that I will soundly fit into the "one year old little boys love them" category...and here are a few that I love too. ( because you KNOW there are some that Ransom loves that I hate. Whhhhhy do some books have to be so boring?!?! And whhhhhy do children still love them!? )

I have this book memorized. It is why we had a "fire engine" themed second birthday. But its also an easy and painless book for Mommies and Daddies too. Points for Golden Books! 
And while we're on the subject...

This book has a certain "rhythm" in its writing that is not quite rhyme but does add just enough interest to the little listening ear. Ransom really liked it and still does. Bonus, I kind of dig the 1960s vibe.  And to be royally sexist, apparently there is a Nurse Nancy book out there that I refuse to purchase ( You'd be proud Amy King). 

Another one of my favorite Golden Books has to be: 

The Happy Man and His Dump Truck

This is a gorgeously happy book ( see title) and it includes tons of things that make it a winner: repetition, animal sounds, and if you're a little boy...dump trunks. I really love this book. So does Ransom. 

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Jenn Younkin said...

I agree with all of these books. David liked "The Happy Man and His Dump Truck" even before he was one and I discovered it randomly at a used book store. Another great golden book is "The Fuzzy Little Duckling." We must have checked that out twenty times from the library!