January 15, 2014

love language

It's coming up on February the month of "red things". I've never been super huge on valentine's day, but I'm not gonna lie. I do love me some RED. So all those V-day decorations that are out in Target right now? Be still my heart.

That being said,  its the 15th of the month and I've already hit the max on my monthly "Abigail" budget so I'm trying to stay strong and not buy a super cute heart garland.

How'd you spend your Abigail money so quickly, you ask? Weeeeellllllll....it had to do with the out of control toy situation in our living room and some much needed cheap bookcases. Did you know that you can buy a small( will probably fall on you and you will die if you are in an earthquake) bookcase for under $20?!?! Wal-Mart, Target, Ikea. They've all got them...and while I'd made a vow to never buy "cheap furniture again"...I'm going to make an exception because of all the shelving needs we've got in our house. Plus I don't think there are any active fault lines in San Antonio...that I know of.

Friends, I'm not gonna lie. Shelving is one of my love languages. That and calendars. If Brett wants to show me some serious lovin' and get me all warm and fuzzy he just has to pull out his work calendar and give me the "what to expect in the coming weeks/months" rundown and I'm basically at his mercy. I love me some organization.

Incidentally I take full and complete responsibility for Ransom's multiple/thousands of time a day question of "What are we going to do next?" questions. He gets it straight from this here DNA.

So, when we put together two new bookcases, one in our living area/kids play area and one in the master bedroom ( for like the 50 MILLION new books Brett has gotten from his brother in the last few months), I was positively gitty with happiness.
And you know what?

Now that all the toys and our house, once again have a specific spot all their own and not just one giant over flowing toy bin. More toys are being played with, the clutter is nonexistent after the end of the day clean up and I think we are all happier.

"It's beauty" as Ransom would say.

So,  don't be afraid to buy some bookcases, get your toys organized and have your kids put them all away at the end of EVER SINGLE DAY.  Beginning and ending the day clean and organized is also one of my love languages.... But just in case you're confused...or house looks like this all the time in between:

Because that's life. 

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