January 31, 2015


Did I tell you that Brett and I are wanting to buy a house this year?  It's true!! We've been married for 8 years and have moved just as many times! In fact, we have never lived in a house longer than two years! Thanks Arrrrrmmmmmy!! But things are hopefully about to change and we think we're finally ready to take the plunge and stop paying other people to live in their houses but live in OUR OWN!

I tell you this and I hope you're appropriately proud of me because people its a BIG DEAL for me to make this kind of commitment!!! I've literally gone into an anxiety attack over a 2 year cell phone contract!  "Has a hard time with commitment" seems like an understatement. Well, at least when it comes to things and place.... when it comes to people, its a different story: if I know you, you're going to have to rip our friendship from my cold dead fingers because I WILL NOT LET GO. But anyway.......

We're  searching the "housing market" and I haaaateeeee it!!! I thought buying a car was horrible and no good! Buying a house is a TRILLION times worse! We've made two offers so far and neither have been accepted. I was not at all sad about losing the first house, I knew deep down it wasn't for us, but the second one had a million walk-in closets and I could see myself with a million walk-in closets. We had also been officially looking for a house for...oh, 2 months and that seemed like way too long. I mean, COME ON! We've lived in this house for 1 year and 10 months and Mama's got itchy feet!
But it was not meant to be, and since Brett and I have settled on a very specific part of our city to look for houses in- we are now essentially waiting on people to put houses on the market.


Does ANYONE like to wait?!?! I hate it.

But tonight I was reminded that God's timing is not my timing. Not even remotely. Rarely-and I mean rarely have things happened when I wanted them to happen. But they have often-and I mean often have things happened perfectly in God's timing.

And so I will wait. And I will try to be patient about it. And if I'm not patient, you will forgive me, right? Because we're friends and you are NOT GETTING RID OF ME.

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